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African Root

What does African hospitality mean in a modern world? To us, it has and always will be, endless abundance. Especially here at the southern tip of the continent, where the sky goes on forever and the oceans crash with a never-ending song.

Here, in Cape Town, the abundance of African hospitality is on display in its most authentic way - from its people to its natural beauty, giving all to ensure you feel welcome.

Truthfully, as Africans, we understand that when you invite someone into your home you offer everything you have, whatever you have. Fortunately for us, we are spoiled with what we can offer in our Cape Town destination and we delight in knowing that we can serve the adventures and surprises of this special city to each guest in an unending gesture of our appreciation for having chosen us.

We are endlessly grateful to invite you as a guest as we pass around our calabash of hospitality, filled to the brim with the warmth and authenticity reserved for those we call family.

The African Root gateway offers peace and calm as well as rebirth and renewal. Just like the African spring, hotels and lodges in this gateway are places of growth and energy, where fresh ideas can sprout like new seeds in fertile ground.

A stone’s throw from the action, Cresta Grande Cape Town offers all the facilities to stay connected and in touch with the world when the opportunity desires.

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